Derek Hoke (East Nashville, TN)

with North Country Drifters

August 6, 2015
Thursday Doors 4:30pm Music 6 - 9pm

UPDATE! Luke Bell won’t be able to make his scheduled appearance on Aug 6th as part of the Sunset Music Series. 
Keeping the genre consistent that evening we are excited to host Derek Hoke from East Nashville, TN.
Derek Hoke (East Nashville, TN), an unassuming, laid-back guy with a cowboy hat and retro-vintage eyeglasses, plays host weekly at the East Nashville, TN night club The 5-Spot.  He’s earned the name "Tuesday Guy" as much for his music as the line-ups he curates featuring up and coming Nashville based artists.  Some of his favorite moments from his $2 Tuesday night include playing with REM’s Peter Buck, sneaking Jason Isbell up on stage to play songs for an unknowing crowd, and featuring Cory Chisel and Ade Harris as they brought the entire room to a hush with their incredible songs and harmonies.
Hoke’s musical influence comes from as much as his love of punk as it does from his grandfather’s country.  "I still have a huge affinity for bands like Fugazi and things like that," Hoke says. "I also have a huge affinity for old country music, and some new country music, as well."  His latest album features a stellar cast of artists including Nikki Lane, Caitlin Rose, Jason Isbell, Justin Townes Earl and many more.
Additionally for that evening Dan O’Brien, lead of The North County Drifters will now include an expanded line-up including fiddle and horns playing classic country and western swing from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s.  Between the Drifters and Hoke the night should have your country covered.  We’re expecting some waltzes, swing and two-steps to warm up the evening with a transition into some honky tonk and full blown cow-punk to shut the night down.
North Country Drifters - The Drifters are led by Dan O’Brien, the multi-instrumentalist and singer whose extensive resume includes his co-founding of the Nob Hill Boys. O’Brien cuts a dashing figure in a finely tailored cowboy suit, and his charisma and vocals anchor the proceedings with sincerity and energy.
The North Country Drifters perform the repertoire of classic country and western swing groups from the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Some of the artists we cover include Jimmie Rodgers, Bob Wills, Milton Brown, Ernest Tubb, Willie Nelson, Lefty Frizell, Ray Price, and Speedy West.
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